“Hacks” Review

Donna Brazile’s latest book,”Hacks,” is very well written and I have no doubt, from her heart. It was also very interesting and easy to read.

Yet, nearly every single page rings of fear, paranoia and, to a certain extent, a delusional view of the 2016 election result.

It is as though Brazile and her Democratic colleagues cannot look at the real reason for Hillary Clinton’s defeat and that was the candidate herself.  In fact, I believe that had Brazile herself run, she might have won because she comes across as real.

Nevertheless, Brazile’s slanted view of the 2016 election is right on the front cover of her book as her sub-title is:  The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House.

Meaning Brazile believes that the alleged Russian hacking of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) server and Wikileaks releases influenced the voting results — even though she admits no votes were directly changed by the hacks.

And, to be fair, the constant dribble of Wikileaks releases did get a lot of press. Yet, at no time through the almost 300 pages, does Brazile look at the DNC candidate in a meaningful way. In fact, I did not read one negative thing about Clinton. Just the opposite. Brazile said, at least once, that she believed Clinton was honest. That view I found astounding!

All that said, Brazile did not have an easy time when she took over the DNC as Chair and I don’t blame her for writing this book. In fact, on her first day when she arrived in Washington at the DNC office, the staff were openly hostile to her. In fact, there were two employees that were basically Brooklyn spies (where the Clinton campaign was run from). No matter what she did, the Brooklyn campaign senior staff always knew about it.

Not only that, from Brazile’s point of view, the entire campaign was a struggle for power and money — because as we all know now, the Clinton campaign held the purse strings. I have to tell you though, Brazile had to have been deeply committed to Clinton to take the crap she took.

Of course, we knew before Brazile released her book that the DNC server was hacked. But, what we didn’t know was that the FBI was involved in fixing the problem, as were some extremely well qualified volunteer technicians. In other words, the complaint that the DNC should just have given their hard drive to the FBI right at the start is not accurate. The DNC apparently couldn’t because the drive was full of confidential information on donors that would have been lost had they removed it. As a result, their computer operating system and software had to be cleaned in-situ.

Anyway, I may be a conservative but, in spite of her ability to spin like a top, I like Brazile. She is feisty and dedicated to her cause. Moreover, while I may disagree with her point of view, I respect her for having the guts to tell what she experienced as DNC Chair for those few months before November 8th, 2016.

The crux of the matter is that Donna Brazile and the Democratic Party, and probably most of Hillary Clinton’s supporters, really and truly believe the Russians are at fault for Trump winning the Electoral College vote. Meaning, that until liberals face the reality that it was Hillary Clinton herself who was the problem, they are going to continue to want to impeach a President who won fair and square given the existing U.S. constitutional rules.

Lastly, I would give Brazile’s book 5 stars out of 5 on the basis that, even though I disagree with her point of view on many topics, she has written her own story well.

Endnote: While I am a Canadian, I have been following the U.S. political situation for years. In fact, there are many things Canadian conservatives can learn from the U.S. electoral situation. Our Liberals, under PM Justin Trudeau, like the Obama Democrats, also truly believe that they are the natural governing party and any other point of view is just plain wrong. Not so, of course but the difference in views splits both our countries down the middle.


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