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EUROPE’S efforts to rebuild bridges with the US following a bruising period of diplomatic warfare were extraordinarily punctured today as top eurocrat Donald Tusk launched an astonishing attack on Donald Trump.

The EU Council president railed against “brute force, egoism and arrogance” in a series of jaw-dropping remarks which will be interpreted as a very thinly veiled assault on the Republican commander-in-chief.

Polish eurocrat Mr Tusk admitted that nobody could “pretend that everything is as it used to be” following months of verbal attacks from the Republican’s administration which have met with furous responses in European capitals.

And in an extraordinary press conference following talks with Vice-President Mike Pence the top Brussels official effectively admitted that trans-Atlantic relations are in the gutter following the election of Mr Trump.

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Trump was right again……and got roasted by the fake media for it. Mass Muslim invasion is (with the Swedish politician’s permission) destroying that country. Tragically for Swedish citizens, I believe the time to save themselves is past. Their future is total anarchy. Swedes will eventually end up with only two choices. Subjugation or genocide at the hands of ‘moderate’ Muslims.