ALIEN subatomic particles raining down on Earth from outer space are wreaking “low-grade havoc” on our mobiles and computers.

New research from the Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee found computer crashes and smartphone freezes may be caused by electrically charged particles generated by cosmic rays originating outside our solar system.

Vanderbilt Professor Bharat Bhuva describes it as a “big problem, but mostly invisible to the public.”

The study found cosmic rays travelling at a fraction of the speed of light strike the Earth’s atmosphere, creating cascades of secondary particles.

According to Professor Bhuva, millions of these particles strike the human body each second – although we don’t feel them, and they have no known harmful effects on any living organism.

However, things are less than positive when it comes to technology.

Scientists found that just a fraction of these particles can carry enough energy to interfere with microelectronic circuitry.

When they interact with integrated circuits, they are capable of alerting individual bits of data stored in memory – known as a single-event upset (SEU).


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