Goodbye Advantage

Goodbye Alberta Advantage.

And with the end of the Alberta Advantage, say goodbye, too, to the possibility of an economic recovery anytime soon.

You might recall reports in early December showing that under our current provincial NDP government, Alberta had fallen from the 14th-best place on the planet in which to invest in oil and gas to 43rd.

Well here’s another similar blow.

When the NDP took power in May 2015, Alberta had the lowest combined federal/provincial/sales tax rate of all 60 provinces and states in Canada and the U.S.

We were number 1 – lower than other low-tax jurisdictions such as Texas and Vermont. Now, under the Notley New Democrats, where are we?

In just a year and a half, we have had so many tax hikes that we have fallen from No. 1 to … (drumroll) … No. 46 according to an analysis done by the think tank the Fraser Institute.

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