Good Idea?

An inventor says he has cracked the problem of how to give drivers more grip in the snow without the hassle of fitting snow chains or spikes to tyres.

Czech engineer Peter Gross has created a dome-like contraption that fits over a car’s hubcap.

When deployed remotely by the driver, claws flick out and grab the tyre, providing extra grip in snow and ice.


The device is a mechanized system that fits over the wheel like a hubcap and can be fitted before a journey.

It has four arms that, when triggered by remote control, extend to grab the tyre, deploying steel spikes for ice and plastic grips for snow.

He claims his invention is small and easy to handle, weighing no more than 6 kilogrammes (13 lbs).

A promotional video shows the devices working well, extending and fitting snugly to the outside of the test car’s tyres.


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