Gloom and Doom

THE European Union (EU) is facing a wave of discontent as even founding members France and Germany are losing faith in the bloc, a report has found.

The shock findings, collated by British think tank Demos in a 485-page study into “fear in the EU”, show a definitive loss of trust in the bloc by five out of six countries surveyed.

Britain, France, Sweden, Germany and Poland all believe their countries will be in a worse state over the next 12 months, with Spain being the only anomaly with a slightly more positive view.

A high of 82 per cent of the French population do not trust EU institutions while, 33 per cent think the bloc’s powers need to be reduced and 22 per cent want to leave entirely, a survey by the independent think-tank the Jacques Delors Institute in Paris has found.

A general gloom has set over France, the report finds, with 81 per cent of those surveyed believing there will be another major terror attack in the country in the next six months following seven over the past two years.

Socialist France, one of the six founding members of the EU along with Germany, has seen a distinct rise in right-wing politics highlighted by more than one in two French people in the survey believing a “fascist or extreme right political party in the next ten years” despite most French believing anti-migrant Marine Le Pen’s Front National party is racist.


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