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While most decent Americans are lamenting the fact that our court system failed Kate Steinle and her family, I can’t help but think of people like George Soros and organizations like the Center for American Progress.  How large is our fight, and how determined are our foes!

It may seem like a far-fetched connection, but it’s not.  Kate Steinle’s death and the ensuing nauseating injustice of her trial verdict are part of a much larger picture: the globalist push for open borders and mass immigration bent on destabilizing the West.  Soros is using his money and influence to make sure that destabilization happens, which will only ensure more Kate Steinles.

Kate Steinle saw no unusual behavior and heard nothing odd before she was murdered.  She was just walking leisurely on a pier with her father, a fatal walk that would end with “Help me, Dad.”  She had no idea that her imminent murder would spark a debate that wouldn’t even have been possible twenty years ago.  Twenty years ago, George Soros and Interfaith organized progressives (private or institutionalized, like the Catholic Church) hadn’t yet spent millions of dollars conditioning Americans (and the E.U.) to tear down their international borders and private boundaries – this as a prerequisite to accepting any and all immigrants.  Twenty years ago, progressives wouldn’t have posthumously mocked Steinle as “Beautiful Kate,” as they did in – even to make a point.  While Slate claimed that Trump was exploiting Steinle, those at Slate themselves called her murder “the most convenient of tragedies.”

Slate went on to explain:

Steinle’s death … gave Trump an opening to stoke the fears of primary voters.  If “beautiful Kate in San Francisco” – a young, innocent white woman – could be murdered in cold blood by a Mexican “animal,” so could any young, innocent white woman in any town in the United States.

(It’s still disgusting to me that so many progressive outlets disapproved of calling a cold-blooded killer an “animal.”)

Slate then made the case that Steinle’s murder was Trump’s ace in the hole.  They quoted David Frum in the Atlantic saying, “Something happened in July to send Trump’s numbers soaring…that something may have been the murder of Kathryn Steinle.”

While Slate was busy resenting that “beautiful Kate” had been murdered at such a convenient time as to help Trump’s poll numbers, Matthew Vadum at was penning the more accurate observation:

Left-wingers in San Francisco should be hanging their heads in shame after their borderline seditious, destructive immigration policies allowed an illegal alien felon to murder a young woman randomly in broad daylight.

How much more shall we say now?  Now – when defense attorney Matt Gonzalez decided to immediately thumb his nose at the U.S. attorney general, the vice president, and President Trump – by telling them:

Let me just remind them: they are themselves under investigation by a special prosecutor in Washington D.C. and they may soon avail themselves of the presumption of innocence beyond a reasonable doubt, so I ask that they reflect on that before they comment or disparage the results of this case.

From Gonzalez’s characterization, it seems to me that the Steinle verdict was payback for a Trump presidency, and setting a murderer free for political payback is such an egregious act that it’s nearly inconceivable.  But Kate Steinle is just one person, and the truth is that so many people – in so many countries – are in danger of similar payback for not submitting to globalists forcing mass immigration upon them.

Jack Montgomery at Breitbart is documenting how Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán is fighting George Soros’s Open Society Foundations’ plan to “flood the continent with an unlimited number of third-world migrants.”  Orbán “has warned that the elites plotting a United States of Europe are using mass migration to engineer a post-Christian, post-national super-state.”

Just this past October, Hungary detained a Pakistani wanted in his home country for murdering about 70 people.  This came after a tip from Austria…but how many more murderers, rapists and those bent on harm have already entered Europe and yes, the United States?  How many more are to come?

The verdict on the murder of Kate Steinle did not happen in a vacuum.  There is a globalist push for Western destruction of what Hungary’s Orbán calls “conservative values centered on country, family, and tradition.”  Hungary is holding firm in their stance against forced acceptance of unchecked migrants, and the Hungarians must have George Soros rattled, because he issued a rare rebuttal of Hungary’s policies just days ago.

The immigration war still rages across Europe and America, and only time will tell if Hungary will succeed in leading the resistance on that front.

Right now, the U.S. is heavy laden with a populace that are themselves aliens.  We are fighting an uphill battle.  President Trump said it best on the campaign trail:

American cities should be sanctuaries for law-abiding Americans, for people that look up to the law, for people that respect the law, not for criminals and gang members that we want the hell out of our country.

For now, all we can say is, “We tried, Kate.”  Yet we must also add that such a miscarriage of justice has only sharpened our seething teeth against Soros organizations and progressives across this country who are willing to legalize murder in some deluded effort to promote social justice, peace, and harmony.

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