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ANGELA Merkel has finally admitted that Islamic terrorism poses the biggest threat to Germany in her New Year’s message.

The German chancellor described the Berlin Christmas market attack, which killed 12 people and injured 48 others as “sickening” and said 2016 had been a year of “severe tests”.

Despite the bloody and threatening attack, Mrs Merkel insisted Germany would not cower before terrorism.

She said: “As we go about our lives and our work, we are saying to the terrorists: ‘You are hate-filled murderers, but you do not determine how we live and want to live. We are free, considerate and open.”

As well as the Berlin attack, perpetrated by Tunisian jihadi Anis Amri, Germans were also targeted in a number of terror incidents earlier in the year.


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Well, here we are. Day one of 2017 and already one mass slaughter of innocent people just out having fun and celebrating. So with that fact in mind let’s start off the year on the right foot with a healthy dose of truth and reality shall we……