German Failures

GERMAN security officials had SEVEN meetings about Berlin attacker Anis Amri before the terrorist killed 12 people in the ISIS lorry attack.

Authorities KNEW the jihadi wanted to attack Germany and that he had links to ISIS sympathisers in Berlin.

And despite monitoring him since December 2015 and meeting more than half a dozen times to discuss the Tunisian, he was never detained on suspicion of terrorism.

Amri entered Europe in 2011, lied about his age and then took part in a violent riot at a migrant centre.

Amri then spent two years in jail before being released in 2015.

Due to a paperwork mix-up, Tunisia refused to accept his repatriation and he remained in Germany.

There was not enough concrete evidence, however, to arrest Amri, according to Dieter Schurmann, head of North Rhine-Westphalia’s investigation agency.


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