The word in Washington is that Donald Trump will deliver a unifying inaugural speech after he accedes — at precisely noon — to the presidency. And that he will pivot to a proper presidential persona.

Certainly the oath Trump is about to take — the affirmation required before he “enter on the execution of his office” — ought to be the occasion of national unity. It’s an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.

What makes it so unifying is that every officer of the United States — every legislator and judge, not just of the federal government, but of the state and county governments — must be bound by oath to support the Constitution. New citizens, too.

So why are the Democrats so bitter? Why are some 50 members of Congress vowing to boycott the inauguration? Why is California hiring a former attorney general to fight the new administration? Why the incessant weeping and wailing?

The most persuasive theory is that it has nothing to do with meddling by the Russians or James Comey or the crustiness of Trump’s campaign or his personal behavior. Rather, it’s something other than politics. It’s almost psychiatric.

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