Full Stop!

For the last eight years the nation underwent what was sometimes called fundamental transformation. I call it the deconstruction of America, a process that actually began over a hundred years ago, but was rapidly accelerated by the mass influx of leftist socialists into all levels of government during the Obama administration. It had even progressed – digressed, actually – to the point where the Republican establishment had essentially signed on to it.

But right out the gate, after his November 8 election, Donald Trump began dismantling the framework of the systemic deconstruction of our Constitutional system.

Meanwhile, as the Left protests the existence of a non-Leftist government, they are showing us that they consider the Constitutional process optional.

As long as their Party gets elected, our Constitutional system is commendable. But put them out of power in a major way and the goal becomes shutting down the Constitutional process and imposing their will on the rest of us.

Making Trump unable to govern is their goal

The Left is freaking out because they’ve lost control in their effort to make this a nation run by a Party and not a Constitution. We see now, in their opposition to everything Trump, that if things aren’t run according to the Left-Democrat platform then they cannot support the government at all.

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Trump isn’t really campaigning earlier than other recent presidents. He’s just more upfront about it.

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O/T I cannot recall a single time while listening to hard core leftist Alan Colmes spout his left wing ideology he didn’t piss me off to no end. I was and remain in vehement disagreement with basically everything he believed in. Because of those differences of opinion I did not like Alan one single bit. Or so I thought. I would never have imagined I would miss witnessing the end of his irritation. Yet today I surprise myself. I am genuinely saddened to learn of his untimely passing after a brief illness at the young age of 66. R.I.P. Alan.