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A lawsuit filed Monday in an Ontario court by an Edmonton lawyer representing an Algerian national, will be an even greater test of the Trudeau government’s sanity than was the government’s ludicrous $10.5-million settlement this past summer of a similar lawsuit initiated by Omar Khadr.

At least Khadr was a citizen. Djamel Ameziane was never more than a refugee claimant who lived temporarily in Montreal nearly 20 years ago.

Ameziane, who is seeking $50 million from Canadian taxpayers, fled Algeria in the early 1990s. At the time, Algeria was in the midst of a civil war and it was hard to find good guys on either side.

Elections had been suspended in 1992 out of fear Islamic extremists would win. The democratic government was dissolved and replaced by a council appointed by the country’s generals.

In response to the junta’s arbitrary imprisonment of many Islamic Salvation Front organizers and officials, the Armed Islamic Group launched attacks on government and military targets. It also took credit for many savage massacres of civilians that claimed thousands of innocent lives.

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The Trudeau government should have also fought the Khadr lawsuit. It would have been quite simple to do so. All the government had to do is to third party Khadr’s family into the lawsuit because it was, we are told constantly, his family that radicalized him. In essence, Khadr would have been suing his own family.