TORONTO – Maybe it’s time to make it more difficult to game the system and live rent free in this expensive city.

In one of the latest cases, the Ontario Divisional Court has allowed small landlord Patricio Rojas to finally evict Rogers Afam Nwabue after he failed to pay a cent in rent for 18 months. But it’s not even a record, it seems.

In August, the same court reinstated an eviction order on tenant Michelle Williams after she hadn’t paid rent to landlord Amir Baig for an astounding 25 months — with arrears totalling $52,500.

She tried to delay the process even longer, sending a friend to court to ask for an adjournment with a vague note saying she was in hospital. “Adjournments only benefit her, as she continues to be able to live in the premises rent free,” the court said, refusing her request and allowing the eviction to go ahead.

As for the rent owed, “I would bet every cent that I have that the landlord didn’t get paid,” says Doug Levitt, one of Baig’s lawyers.


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