Fonda’s Stunt

Wow, talk about bad timing – for Jane Fonda.

On Tuesday, the Hollywood matron hopped aboard a chopper for the customary celebrity don’t-get-my-Jimmy-Choos-dirty aerial tour of the oilsands. It was the sort of fly-by sliming of the ‘sands Albertans – and especially residents of Fort McMurray – have come to expect from the likes of “Hanoi Jane,” Neil Young and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Fonda’s stunt – backed by some northeastern Alberta First Nations and by Greenpeace – dominated headlines for a few hours. But just as it was reaching its crescendo, a beaming Premier Rachel Notley bounced (almost floated) to the podium in the media room at the Alberta Legislature and announced that the B.C. government had just given its approval to the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline extension.

British Columbia Premier Christy Clark announced Weds. afternoon that all of her government’s five conditions had been met. Her government and Kinder Morgan had reached a “fair share” agreement on splitting revenues from the project – the final obstacle. So she had decided to stop withholding approval of the Alberta-to-Burnaby line.

This is huge news for Alberta. Now, both Ottawa and Victoria have signed off on the project. It truly is a hopeful day for the province and for Notley.


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The French had it right….they knew how to handle Greenpeace. Keep pushing you green fascists and you will discover when we have had enough.