Folks Worry To Much

Ford can be clumsy and ignorant, and it's unclear exactly how he'll slash Ontario's deficit. But how much worse is he than the status quo?
Ford can be clumsy and ignorant, and it’s unclear exactly how he’ll slash Ontario’s deficit. But how much worse is he than the status quo?

Of late, I have struggled with a radical proposition. A thought experiment I can’t seem to shake: what if Doug Ford would be an adequate premier for the province of Ontario? Maybe Doug Ford would be fine.

If one is even a moderately fiscally conservative Ontario voter, the prospect of spending billions more in an already heavily indebted province, or rewarding the long-governing Liberals with another term is untenable. I don’t envy the Ontario voter. Ford would not have been my first pick for Progressive Conservative leader. But given these options, the idea of Premier Ford demands serious consideration. The logic must bear itself out to the bitter end.

To believe current Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne, Ford “believes in an ugly, vicious brand of politics that traffics in smears and lies.”
She recently went on the offensive, offering interviews to local Toronto media and Twitter essays highlighting the failings of her would-be successor, and drawing allusions to U.S. President Donald Trump.

Wynne noted Ford’s most recent transgression: “how I and other people on my team should be in jail and I don’t think that kind of comment can be (allowed) to stand,” she said on the CBC. “The implication was that I should be in jail and it was very reminiscent of ‘lock her up’ kind of language.”

Just how reminiscent, exactly?


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