The Canadian government is investigating whether aid funds intended to help Afghan children return to school in a post-Taliban era were embezzled, following recent allegations of corruption inside the country’s education department.

As one of the main contributors to the Education Quality Improvement Project (EQUIP), Afghanistan’s largest national education program, Canada has provided $117.2 million since 2006 to increase equal access to quality education for Afghan students — especially girls.

“Canada is currently undertaking the necessary due diligence to ensure that in the event that Canada’s funds have been misappropriated, that such funds are recovered and that the guilty parties are held to account,” said Jessica Séguin, a spokeswoman for Global Affairs Canada, in an email to the Citizen.

While Canada doesn’t provide funding directly to the Afghan Ministry of Education, Séguin said, “Canadian funds provided to EQUIP are administered by the World Bank through the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund.”


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