‘Faster Please’

THE Government is under pressure to drop proposals for a “transitional period” before leaving the EU after new figures suggest it could lead to public services being overwhelmed by migrants.

A report by the pro-Brexit campaign group Change Britain has revealed that a transitional arrangement which would allow free movement to continue over five years would see 912,000 to 970,000 EU nationals pouring into the UK.

The findings show that the influx will heighten pressure on our housing meaning that Britain will require the construction of between 69,000 and 74,000 homes just to house EU migrants.

It is also estimated that between 163,000 and 172,000 of these nationals will be school age.

This will put substantial pressure on our school system, and would cost between £753 million and £793 million.

Tory Dover MP Charlie Elphicke, a leading supporter of Change Britain, said: “Public services are already facing serious pressures, particularly at the frontline in Dover and Kent.

“Keeping free movement – unchecked immigration from Europe – for a moment longer than we have to would only make matters worse.


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I agree. “Fast please” is right, before what is left of Britain is destroyed by the EU apparatchiks.