Fake News?

Predictably, there was always going to be a point when Theresa May’s critics would declare that her honeymoon as Prime Minister had ended. Such is the vicious world of politics.

And so this week’s resignation of Sir Ivan Rogers, Britain’s ambassador to the EU, has been identified as marking that moment.

Giving fuel to the PM’s critics, he walked out of his job in a huff, launching an intemperate broadside against Mrs May, whom he accused of ‘muddled thinking’ on Brexit.

As day follows night, The Economist magazine, which has a global circulation of 1.4 million and was one of David Cameron’s most enthusiastic cheerleaders, seized its chance to declare war.

The front page of its current issue carries the bleak headline ‘Theresa Maybe: Britain’s indecisive premier’, accompanied by a funereal black-and-white photo of her.

Its accompanying cover story can only be described as an unscrupulous, unsubtle and partisan hatchet job.

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