Fair Weather Friends

Few in Europe can genuinely plead “friendship” as they demand exclusion from US tariffs.
Few in Europe can genuinely plead “friendship” as they demand exclusion from US tariffs.

President Trump’s tariff war with Europe is wrongheaded, but hardly the only issue separating “our closest allies” from America, the country too many on the continent love to hate.

Well before his threatened steel and aluminum restrictions on European countries (as well as on Canada and Mexico), Trump slaughtered some of Europe’s most sacred cows.

He withdrew from the Paris accord on greenhouse-gas emissions and broke away from the Iran deal. Europeans strongly believe the former will save the planet. (It won’t.) They also hope the latter will tame the Islamic Republic. (Again, nope.) As important, they want their continent’s economies to have access to Iranian markets.

Then Trump offended the Euros’ collective sense of decorum by moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

But on that, as on other issues, Europeans are far from united.

Romanian Prime Minister Viorica Dăancilă visited Israel’s capital recently and her government tentatively approved moving its embassy there. For that, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis called on Dancila to resign, accusing her of making “secret deals” with the Jews.

And Germany, once a top Israel booster, privately sided with Iohannis and against recognizing Israel’s capital. After Romania moves its embassy, Berlin fears, the Czechs, Bulgarians and others may also break ranks with the European Union.


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