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Government shutdowns, formerly headline news, seem less painful these days (three-quarters of government is funded). Looks like stalemate.
Government shutdowns, formerly headline news, seem less painful these days (three-quarters of government is funded). Looks like stalemate.

The televised presidential address from the Oval Office, a staple of communication between the chief executive and the people in the second half of twentieth century, has recently been in desuetude. Former President Barack Obama delivered only three such addresses in his eight years in office. President Trump this week delivered his first, just days short of completing half a term.

It was a sober address, short but touching some emotive chords. It was also carefully based on actual facts and proposals — contrary to the Democrats’ meme that it would be based on fears, not facts.

Post-speech fact-checking was particularly farcical. The Washington Post said Trump’s claims of “266,000 arrests of aliens with criminal records” in two years was “accurate but misleading,” because it included all crimes. Huh?

Another complaint was that Trump’s claim that one in three women in caravans were sexually assaulted; the complainer pointed to a study that said it was actually 60 to 80 percent of them. Trump had understated the case. Obviously nobody knows the actual numbers; a good guess might be “a lot.”

But it is pretty obvious what’s been happening on the southern border. Attempted border crossings were way down in 2017, presumably for fear of tough Trump enforcement. They rose in 2018, as many Central Americans started arriving with children, hoping to gain entry into the United States by exploiting court-created loopholes in American asylum law. Few had legitimate claims of political persecution or on other traditional grounds for asylum; many complained of high local crime rates for which, so far as I know, no nation has ever granted asylum.


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Regarding the recent polls. The American education system seems to have catastrophically failed the country. “You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.” This (and countless other similar examples) should be a national embarrassment.

‘Name a Country’



I just saw a new poll that states 53% of Americans are blaming Trump for the shutdown. Another poll indicated that as a result of the President’s Oval Office address to the nation on the issue, his speech changed the minds of a miniscule 2%. Now if, and it’s a big if, these polls are accurate then a majority of Americans are too stuck on stupid to deserve their country. If the majority of Americas are truly that stupid then there is no question that their country is well into the process of being taken away from them. They should… Read more »