Exploding Heads

Given the daily liberal head explosions occurring because of President Trump’s immigration policies, one might think Trump demolished the Statue of Liberty, or worse, reintroduced school prayer, when all he did is take executive action on January 27 to protect Americans.

The White House owes no apology for wanting to keep America safe. At most, the administration could consider special circumstances where the threat to the country is negligible, a step they have already committed to doing. The executive order temporarily bans immigration for those coming from jihadi-infested countries like Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Iran and Iraq until better security screening is in place.

The order also puts an indefinite ban on those coming from Syria because ISIS is extremely active there. We didn’t hear a peep from leftists when former President Obama did something similar regarding immigration from Iraq in 2011. No one should be surprised, though, given Democrats’ standards have nothing to do with safety and security and everything to do with politics and appeasement.

Leftists might be thanking Trump for his actions if they weren’t so drunk with hatred for anyone or anything that even hints of American values. If they lock their doors at night to keep bad people out, they are hypocrites to suggest it is not okay for Trump to protect Americans.

Fact is, the same ISIS who vowed to import terrorists disguised as refugees doesn’t care about which side of the political aisle a person sits. America experienced an unprecedented number of domestic terrorist attacks committed by Muslim immigrants or children of immigrants during Obama’s tenure.

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