EU “Powerless”

BRUSSELS today admitted it cannot force member states to adopt its landmark trade pact with Canada as the tiny Belgian region of Wallonia threatened to try and scupper the deal for a second time.

Eurocrats conceded they “can’t interfere” and attempt to railroad through CETA, which still faces an uncertain future despite being approved by MEPs following a fractious vote in the Strasbourg parliament yesterday.

Europe’s elite reacted with relief yesterday as they squeezed through the pact despite intense opposition from politicians across the continent who fear it will hand big US corporations too much power.

And today Canadian PM Justin Trudeau travelled to France for a mutual love-in at the European Parliament, where he praised the EU as a “truly remarkable achievement”.

But their collective bubble was immediately burst by Wallonia’s firebrand leader, Paul Magnette, who vowed to block its complete implementation unless the rest of Europe meets his demands.

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Well, back for a test run after a Monday of 30 stitches in the palm of my right hand. Here goes. From the lips of our international lightweight and intellectual lightweight we (and unfortunately the world) get claptrap such as “The European Union… unprecedented model for peaceful co-operation”. Say what? Good grief the EU is teetering on the brink of among other things financial disaster. Social unrest and in some countries anger is growing after years of and multiple failures of governance. So I suppose by the peaceful co-operation he means that despite an ever growing list of reasons to… Read more »