EU Goldmine

MORE than thirty per cent of the EU’s ex-MEPs have been re-hired as lobbyists, a report has revealed.

And more than 50 per cent of commissioners who traded up their political status to earn inflated salaries are also receiving funds by attempting to seek to influence current legislation.

Think tank Transparency International studied the European Union’s lobbying register to probe what is going on amid “discontent” among citizens.

And their investigation, the first overview of its kind, shows growing concerns over money-making in Brussels.

Now pro-ethics politicians are calling for a new authority to overhaul rules and mirror a French “high authority” system which means politicians are set to be held to account of Code of Conduct breaches.

Last week former European Parliament president Martin Schulz announced he was to stand for the Germany chancellery after a five year stint where he earned more than £1m.

And with the revelation that Donald Tusk earns £22,000-a-month as an EU commissioner plus pension and benefits is causing major concerns among those representing the working class.


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