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Theorist claims Pyramid of Giza built with 'advance engineering'.
Theorist claims Pyramid of Giza built with ‘advance engineering’.

EGYPT’S Great Pyramid of Giza was built using “advanced high technology” and the evidence is there for all to see, according to a bizarre documentary.

Egyptian monuments rival the grandeur of our most modern buildings today and have wowed mankind for centuries. The landmarks have been connected to deities and gods since ancient times and the Great Pyramid of Giza is widely seen as one of mankind’s most incredible achievements. These constructions were erected by a civilization that had no knowledge of the wheel and were technologically limited, compared to modern standards. In Netflix documentary “The Pyramid Code”, researchers and conspiracy theorists question the possibility that the Egyptian pyramids were “built with high technology”.

However, the show explains that we are taught to believe that we are the ones with knowledge of high technology, something the ancient Egyptians could not have possibly have had.

Dr. Carmen Boulter, PHD, claims: “As long as we think that the ancients weren’t able to use high technology, then we’re not looking for it.

“And yet, the evidence is right in front of our eyes.”


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During my Navy days of world travel I was lucky enough to experience what turned out to be one of the ultimate thrills of a lifetime (IMO). I visited Egypt and the pyramids. The pyramids are beyond fascinating. You stand before them and the Sphinx literally in jaw dropping awe.