East Harbour*

Toronto could have a completely reshaped downtown over the next 15 years. In the same way that South Core pushed heavy commercial and retail development below Front St., a mega project on the former Unilever site at the foot of the Don Valley Parkway will pull the core of the city east.

The plans for what’s known as East Harbour have been in the works for some time, but only recently has the full scale of the project come to light in the wake of supporting documentation filed with the city. It reveals that beyond the transit and commercial priorities of the development, the retail component is going to absolutely huge.

Well, to step back for a moment, everything about this project is huge. Set upon some 60 acres of land, it would represent one of the largest master developments Toronto has witnessed. The proposed transit hub would integrate GO train lines, a streetcar route, and possibly a relief subway line if we ever get such a thing built.

Right now, there’s 11 million square feet of office space proposed for the site, spread over a number of towers. Yes, that’s right. This isn’t more condos. On the contrary, this is the place where developer First Gulf hopes that residents in places like the East Donlands and Bayfront will come to work, eat, and shop.

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I owe this news to “Daughter No 2” who purchased a small condo apt, still under construction, about two years ago, right next to this development. She feels it has already gained in value about $60,000.00 dollars simply because of where it is located. I ‘figger’ it is worth a lot more than that upon completion and by the time this new development opens it will be worth a small fortune. I applaud her for her foresight and wish her all the best in the days ahead. Having said that, the update points to folks moving further afield to find… Read more »