Dump Kenney?

Now that the Super Bowl is over and the Brier is still nearly two weeks away, it appears as though the “red” Tory elites who still imagine themselves the rightful heirs to the provincial PCs are intent on taking up the sports-viewing slack with a weekly round of “Dump Kenney.”

Last weekend, it was self-proclaimed prominent Calgary lawyer Jeff Rath with a long list of complaints against Jason Kenney, the former MP who is the clear frontrunner in the race for the PC leadership. Rath’s complaints where quickly — and unanimously — dismissed by the PC party’s leadership election committee (LEC), even though many members of the LEC are no fans of Kenney’s or his pledge to unite the right if elected.

This weekend, Albertans are to be subjected to another round of Sour Grapes Theatre, as “progressive” members of the PCs’ provincial board revisit Rath’s complaints.

One provincial PC director, speaking with me on condition of anonymity, explained that it is significant that party president Katherine O’Neill refused to call this coming weekend’s emergency meeting of the board of directors. “It was Darcy Schumann (vice-president for the Calgary region) who made the call.”

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