Dream On

BRUSSELS should take over the role of the leader of the free world from America because of Donald Trump’s isolationist policies, a key EU figure has said today.

Maltese prime minister Joseph Muscat said the election of the new US President gave Europe the “opportunity for leadership it has always craved” and urged the bloc to unleash a foreign policy blitz.

He claimed countries around the world will be “looking” to Brussels for leadership in the aftermath of Mr Trump’s shock victory, which has been followed by a slew of controversial policy announcements.

Mr Muscat spoke as European leaders prepare to gather in his home country’s capital city, Valetta, for what will be the final meeting of the EU Council before Britain triggers Article 50.

Brexit and Mr Trump’s controversial ‘Muslim ban’ are likely to be hot topics of discussion at the informal get together, whilst bringing immigration under control is top of the agenda.


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