Doug Ford Issues Warning

Premier Doug Ford addresses a business audience on Jan. 21, 2019.
Premier Doug Ford addresses a business audience on Jan. 21, 2019.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford set tongues wagging at a speech to a business audience Monday, warning that Justin Trudeau’s plan for a carbon tax will lead to a “carbon tax recession.”

“I’m here today to ring the warning bell,” Ford said. “The risk of a carbon tax recession is very real.”

The line was quickly denounced by Greenpeace, the Ontario Green Party and a spokesman for federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna.

“We need a government committed to supporting much-needed jobs building electric vehicles, installing solar panels and other climate solutions,” said Keith Stewart, senior energy analyst at Greenpeace.

Of course, Ontario had a government that invested billions in installing solar panels, having them built here and also subsidized electric vehicles. Those plans didn’t work.

Solar energy doesn’t supply nearly enough energy for Ontario and electric vehicle sales are far below projections.

Ford has long been a critic of the carbon tax claiming it will kill jobs in Ontario, in particular manufacturing.

“You can be for a carbon tax or you can be for manufacturing jobs, but you can’t be for both,” Ford said in his speech.


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