Three months after Hillary Clinton’s stunning election loss to Donald Trump, her family foundation is facing vexing questions about its ability to exist.

“The foundation is still grappling with its place in the era of President Trump,” the New York Times reports. “It faces some daunting challenges: a drop in fund-raising during the campaign; uncertainty about the scale of the former president’s ambitions; and questions about leadership, including how long its president, Donna E. Shalala, will stay, and whether Mrs. Clinton might rejoin the charity.”

Shalala didn’t shy away from the foundation’s fledgling philanthropic status.

“Last year was a tough year,” she told the Times, “because people were beating on us with nonsense,” referencing the media reports of corruption between Clinton Foundation donors, the six-figure speeches given by Bill Clinton, and the corresponding actions approved by the U.S. State Department while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.

Indeed, mere weeks after Hillary Clinton lost the election, financial disclosure forms revealed that the Clinton Foundation’s donations had plummeted by 37 percent. Reports earlier this month about the foundation laying off 20-something staffers has ballooned to “about 100,” the Times reports.

Much of the Clinton Foundation’s shady dealings around the world while Hillary Clinton was head of the State Department was brought to light through the investigative work of Breitbart News and its Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer’s bestselling book Clinton Cash.


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