Devil we Know

Bill Morneau doesn’t seem to understand that the issue isn’t what he’s going to do now. No, the question is why he did what he did in the first place.

And not only did Morneau not really answer the question, he even seemed somewhat indignant that he had to answer to the public in the first place.

On Thursday the embattled finance minister announced he’d be putting all of his assets into a blind trust and eventually divesting all of his shares in the family firm Morneau Shepell to show he’s “completely free of conflict.”

There was certainly the appearance of a conflict, or at least the appearance of a risk of conflict, to have someone in such a powerful post hold millions of dollars in a company that stands to gain from decisions made by said person.

And we’re not even talking theoretical, either. The NDP wants the ethics commissioner to look into Morneau’s support of a bill that broadens the plans pension companies can offer. Morneau Shepell would be a prime candidate to benefit from such a law.


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How sad is it that the Sun would think that there is no alternative to a corrupt individual who is making out like a bandit from being a minister of the crown. Fire the bum. Put his butt in jail and put anyone who is clean in there. Harper showed how to do it you take someone from the opposition if you have to.