‘Deplorable’ Thoughts

Who among us can’t at some point relate to what it feels like to be an “irredeemable deplorable,” a term coined in the heat of a campaign but with far greater implications now. Whether we are religious or not, whether we pray or not, whether we are political activists or not, many of us know what it feels like to be mocked to the point of less than “other” status.

Referring to critics of deplorables in his new book on the subject, “The Deplorables Guide,” Todd Starnes (a deplorable himself) fights back with words against the intelligentsia — too many self-pronounced victims of “microaggression,” he writes, suffer from a social disorder whose outbreaks (limited to academic institutions) infect “only members of the perpetually offended generation.” According to Mr. Starnes, deplorable-haters frequently rely on the government dole. “Instead of creating and innovating and fighting and winning and dreaming and doing, many of our fellow countrymen are hunkered down in their government-subsidized dwellings.”

As you can imagine, Mr. Starnes isn’t a big fan of political correctness, but he is a believer in outspokenness and is very willing to offend people if necessary to stay true to his beliefs. “I can’t tell you how many times ministers have told me they refuse to discuss controversial issues inside the church house because it might offend people. I’m not sure where they find that commandment in the Bible, “Thou shalt not offend they congregation.”

Mr. Starnes is patriotic, and through “marching orders” that recur throughout the book, he urges the same of all deplorables. He is proud to be a Southerner, proud to be a religious Christian, and proud to be a community activist. He wants you to become involved In your child’s school, and as a doctor who has helped out in several situations where a child (including my own) was being bullied, I can strongly endorse two of Mr. Starnes’ signature marching orders “Equip your child with the information and convictions to speak up,” and “Befriend the principal.”

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