THE UK could be stuck in the EU with its democratic vote being wiped out over stalling on the triggering of Article 50 as rules previously agreed by Gordon Brown in 2007 become law on March 31.

Theresa May has promised the public she will make Brexit happen but she has just four weeks before Lisbon Treaty rules come into effect which can make it MORE difficult for the country to leave the European Union.

The Prime Minister is being forced to wait on the House of Lords who could send the Brexit bill back to the House of Commons.

And sources have claimed a delay could take place so rules – which have already been ratified within the Lisbon Treaty which say 14 member states have to approve the exit – will kick-in from April 1.

Lord Peter Mandelson has already stated on record that he wants to subvert the process of the vote while a cross-bench group of peers are also trying to create amendments.

And if the House of Lords, which publishes its report on Brexit on Wednesday digs its heels in, the deadline of March 31 could come and go leaving the UK stuck in the EU, say sources.

Rules which governed the exit scenario for member states in the Lisbon Treaty which was signed on December 13 2007, and entered into force on December 1 2009, are set to expire.

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