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What a coincidence. Just yesterday somebody at JNW warned about this. IMO terrorists are not striking Canada hard (when we are a sitting duck) is because they need us. Does the proverb ‘don’t shit in your own nest’ ring a bell with anyone? IMO our pathetic refugee system provides a base of operations with which to infiltrate the U.S. from. The left likes to boast that there has never been a terrorist attack in America linked to Canada. So what? So because that is true we do little or nothing to prevent it happening in the future? That’s not a… Read more »


Agreed. Our happy PM will be escorted into the oval office with a big grin on his face and will be confronted by his worst nightmare. The conversation will likely be started by Trump: “Sit down, shut up and LISTEN!”

To be a fly on the wall (recording of course) would be high entertainment, both in the US and Canada. We’ll see how it goes but I’m not relying on Canadian “faux” media to tell me the truth. If they did it would be a first in at least a decade.