Cultural Suicide

Does Europe have a death wish? Inquiring minds want to know.

If not, Europeans sure are acting as if they have a real attraction to suicide, as a culture and as a group of sovereign states. I watched and read several things this week that made me want to write on this subject. All of the incidents fall into a long-term pattern of self-hating groupthink and self-destruction.

Take Europe’s reaction to Vice President Mike Pence’s attendance at the Munich Security Conference.

I was amused to read the summary of the Lithuanian president’s conversation with Mr. Pence on the need for increased Baltic security. Let me first say that I agree NATO has to find ways to deter Russian aggression in the region. But also recall that Lithuania is not one of the NATO nations that spend at least the recommended 2 percent of gross domestic product on their defense.

The Lithuanian president told Mr. Pence of her “expectations” of American air defense assets that need to be brought to bear in the Baltics. She brought with her maps and charts, lecturing our vice president on what needed to be done. This all raises the question: Before a country gives Washington its expectations of what the U.S. needs to do to secure said country, shouldn’t that country be spending all it can for its own security? And not just 2 percent, but maybe 3 percent or even 4 percent, as the U.S. does? Then maybe we could talk.

On another note, does Sweden really believe it doesn’t have a crime problem linked to high levels of Muslim immigration?

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