Criticizing Islam*

At a Toronto mosque, an imam recently prayed that Allah would kill unbelievers “and spare not one of them,” and “purify Al-Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Jews.”

An ex-Muslim named Sandra Solomon showed up at that mosque Saturday with some requests of her own:

I am standing here in your mosque today, asking for you to show me the tolerance you ask of all Canadians. To accept me for whom I am and the free choices I made to be something other than Muslim.

I have concern about my life and I would love to get an answer from you Muslims to tell me: Am I going to be killed, or my child is going to be killed or harmed by anyway for me openly criticizing Islam?

It was a fair question, and a poignant one coming at a time when the Canadian Parliament is considering a motion condemning an undefined “Islamophobia.” While Canada mulls officially designating Muslims as a victim class, Sandra Solomon is worried about being victimized by those supposed victims.

CIJ News reported:

“[A] member of the mosque congregation said to Sandra that she is free to choose her faith emphasizing that her problem is not with Islam but with the Saudi regime.”

This was, unfortunately, not true. We may surmise this from how Islamic tradition records Muhammad himself dealing with criticism.

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Don’t know what happened, here it is….


Most Muslims are peaceful. Yes they are, without question and few if any will disagree with that. But the west’s most dangerous enemy is not only radical Islam and it is self inflicted. Political correctness. This presentation ends with a simple question to the likely lone Muslim in attendance. Name the leader of the Muslim peace movement. She can’t. Can anybody else?