Crisis Coming

I feel for Tony Clement. The Tory MP has been demanding the government “enforce the law” on the mounting numbers of asylum seekers who have been crossing the border from the United States, illegally, in recent weeks. But he found himself sputtering for air Tuesday when a CBC radio interviewer asked him what, specifically, he wanted the government to do, eventually hanging up in a snit.

It’s a good question, though: In what way are the police officers who have been arresting the would-be refugees as soon as they step on Canadian soil failing to enforce the law? The calls from Clement and other critics for a “crackdown” amount to a demand that illegal immigration should be made illegal, enforced by the arrest of all those who are currently being arrested.

But as I say I feel for Clement. Like him, I have no easy answers to this dilemma. Unlike him, however, I’m willing to admit it. The migration of peoples is one of the great motive forces of human history; when large numbers of people are determined to pick up and move somewhere, there isn’t a force in the world that can stop them.

That does not relieve us of the need to address what seems likely to grow into a considerable problem, if not a crisis. We Canadians have been congratulating ourselves at our greater tolerance as we watch Europe struggling with the sudden influx of hundreds of thousands of refugees from the Middle East, or the United States with the accumulated backlog of millions of illegal immigrants from Mexico and points south.

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  1. PMJT will not halt illegal border crossing despite opposition. Why? Because he couldn’t even if he wanted to. That’s the cold hard fact Canadians. He has simply got to know that and that is why he will never say he will do it. The question that he should be getting asked over and over and over is this. Exactly what will he do when enough becomes enough and that day is coming as surely as the sun rises in the east. He’ll have no logical answer because there isn’t one. As for his dangerous incredibly stupid message of ‘come one come’ I will tell you this. He shone a very bright light on our nation’s incredible weak, and when it comes to refugees invisible undefended borders. That message reverberated around the world. Guaranteed. Destination….Canada.

    1. Even worse: Trump knows a porous border is porous both ways: they’re only joking about a Canadian wall in Washington now … but that will change and a LOT of American hardware is going to patrol the border for us … at our expense. Both in terms of cost, and sovereignty.

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