A GERMAN MEP put down chances of British peers receiving their multi-million pound pensions payouts from Brussels.

Elmar Brok slated reasoning for the bloc having to pay more than £10 million to peers who have worked within the EU without the UK making any contributions.

More than 20 peers have worked in Brussels, including fierce Europhile Lord Mandelson and Lord Kinnock who have built up lavish EU pensions – worth £35,000-a-year in Mandelson’s case.

Speaking on Channel 4, the chairman of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs said Britain had to be “fair” and pay the pensions of those who worked in the UK.

“Many European civil servants work also for the United Kingdom so they have to look after the pensions of these people,” he said.

“Why should we pay the pensions alone for civil servants who worked also for the United Kingdom.

He added it was “only fair” for the UK to take their share.

The entire EU pension-pot being trousered by the fortunate peers – one of which only put in two years work before quitting on a handsome pension – amounts to more than £10million according to the Change Britain pressure group.

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