Apparently, all good money-laundering schemes must eventually come to an end. Especially when your big donors figure out they were played for suckers all along, and your partners in crime realize that further bribery is essentially pointless:

The Clinton Foundation is shedding two of its most politically problematic programs, while Bill Clinton is asking for supporters’ advice on where to take his family’s charity arm next. Being spun into separate entities are the foundation’s initiatives in the country of Haiti, along with the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership, named after a billionaire backer of the couple.

Additionally, the Clinton Global Initiative, the annual meet-and-greet in New York City between celebrities, rock stars, activists, dignitaries and Clintons, officially closed up shop in recent weeks. In an interview with the New York Times, Clinton Foundation President Donna Shalala admitted that donations dropped thanks to the political climate of last year.

‘Last year was a tough year,’ she admitted, ‘because people were beating on us with nonsense.’

Does that “nonsense” include a stinging defeat in the Electoral College, charges of rampant corruption, an FBI investigation, hacked emails, face-planting into a van, forgetting to campaign in Wisconsin, and general incompetence by the Smartest Woman in the World?


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