Civil War?

A CIVIL WAR will erupt in Europe in as little as three decades, a Belgian historian has claimed.

David Engels, a historian at the Free University of Brussels, drew parallels between Europe and the fall of the Roman Republic to make the alarming prediction.

He said: “In 20 to 30 years Europe will have become an authoritarian or imperial state, after a phase resembling civil war and decay.

“I expect a civil war, which will force a fundamental social and political reformation in Europe, whether we like it or not, following the example of the decaying Roman Republic in the first century BC.”

Mr Engels has claimed Europe would teeter towards authoritarianism since 2011 – and the ongoing migrant crisis has now added weight to his warnings.

The 37-year-old added that the parallels between the European Union and Julius Caesar’s equivalent are “so massive, so obvious and that has been the case for decades”.


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One little difference that the professor forgot: the decay of the Roman Republic led to the rise of the Empire … but this was entirely an affair driven internally, by Roman culture, economics and Roman politics. Modern Europe’s problem is that – unlike the Romans – they have literally invited the barbarians into their midst. I agree a collapse is coming – but not the rise of authoritarianism and new nation states. Demographics and politics will ensure a COMPLETE collapse of European civilization … no grand, united Europe, no return to nation states: instead complete Balkanization, isolation and dirty, localized… Read more »