Chrome Problem*

GOOGLE Chrome browser users warned after serious threat is discovered which allows hackers to infect PCs via the popular web browser.

With a 57 per cent market share, Google’s Chrome is by far the most popular most web browser in the world.

But its millions of users are being warned of a new cyber threat which could allow hackers to infect their PCs.

The Google Chrome scam poses a serious risk to users with criminals able to inject infected script into poorly-protected web pages.

According to cyber experts the virus-filled script rewrites the compromised website on the victim’s browser.

This makes the page unreadable, with a fake pop-up then used to try and convince users into downloading a patch to solve the issue.

The popup reads, “The ‘HoeflerText’ font wasn’t found,” – and, if you see this warning, DON’T download the suggested update.

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