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The Trump administration has blown into Washington like a whirlwind. Contrary to several Beltway-insider predictions, our new president’s Twitter output has not ebbed with his assumption of office. Tuesday night’s flurry included this gem:

It is classic Trump. He trolls the media-Democrat complex that waxed hysterical over his inaugural speech, with its allegedly “dark,” “dystopian” invocation of carnage to describe the gang violence in many American cities. Simultaneously, he trolls Rahm Emanuel, the mayor of Chicago, the abattoir of American cities. After years of presiding over spiking street violence, the mayor had the Rahmesque gall to cheer the effort of the Obama Justice Department — on the way out the door — to scapegoat the city’s police.

Both of these matters have been expertly analyzed in recent days by Heather Mac Donald, the Manhattan Institute scholar and author of The War on Cops. Here at National Review, she dilated on “carnage” as an apt descriptor for more than 6,000 black men shot dead on the streets in 2015 alone, the vast majority of them killed by other black men. The Left’s hypocrisy could not escape her notice: taking umbrage at Trump’s word “carnage” after years of their own grotesque hyperbole over “an ever-expanding array of hatreds and injustice,” which, they absurdly claim, “disenfranchise large portions of the population and force them to live in fear.”

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