Chicago Anarchy On Display

Screen grabs from videos of weekend violence on and near the Magnificent Mile.
Screen grabs from videos of weekend violence on and near the Magnificent Mile.

“Wilding” is the term for mobs of violent young people taking over upscale neighborhoods and wreaking havoc, looting, mugging and attacking innocent people just for the fun of it. A “good” neighborhood is no guarantee of safety anymore in Chicago. The breakdown of civil order, in other words, is well underway in the Windy City. Bit by bit, civilization is slipping away in Chicago.

But if you want to know how bad things have gotten there, the major media outlets are no help. The last thing they want is for people to stay away from The Mag Mile – the stretch of Michigan Avenue just north of the Chicago River – full of glittering shopping, towering condo buildings and hotels, and the iconic Water Tower that is Chicago’s rival to Fifth Avenue around the Trump Tower. You have to go to Second City Cop and CWB Chicago, two grass roots websites that are not afraid of alienating big advertisers or of a phone call from City Hall.

The arrival of 90+ degree weather over the Memorial Day weekend unleashed the urban youth. Today, CWB Chicago lists the “Highlights” of emergency radio traffic, and it is a horrifying compilation of chaos unleashed. For example, an hour and half or so of Saturday night:

8:22PM — “Mayhem,” says the downtown police dispatcher, taking a few brief seconds to summarize what she and Chicago cops are dealing with.

8:26PM — Lakeview: Officers call for backup. Fifteen to 20 people are beating up a boy who tried to prevent them from stealing a bike at the Lane Tech High School Memorial Day carnival. Story here.

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