Well, it finally arrived.

The Pallister Carbon Tax was unveiled last Friday, along with the provincial government’s new “Green Plan.” Some media outlets positioned it as a plucky plan defying Ottawa. A supportive opinion from a so-called “clean energy” group predictably trumpeted that Pallister’s was THE FIRST Conservative government in Canada to introduce a carbon tax in the “battle” to stop climate change.

Premier Pallister’s spin is that his tax on carbon dioxide is better than having a worse one forced upon Manitobans by the Trudeau Government. It duly choreographed its faux displeasure (headline – Ottawa sees red over Manitoba green plan), claiming the tax was “too low.”

But this is a fake fight over a fake problem.

Computer models purporting to link CO2 to warming are full of errors: no basis for self-appointed green planners and lobby groups remaking the economy and taxing everybody to indulge their shaky orthodoxies. Indeed, Ian Plimer, an award-winning Australian geo-scientist, recently remarked that “doctored” climate change models were “a fallacy based on fraud promoted by fools,” being all about enabling politicians to control people’s lives.


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