World Crime

Sometimes the best idea's start as a joke.

A friend sent this to me in a mail message. He feels it has great value in dealing with the FBI, DOJ and lying politicians. So do I.

WELLSPRING OF WEALTH: Mexico’s drug gangs increasingly extort workers at refineries, like this facility in Salamanca, for information on fuel deliveries and pipeline shipments. REUTERS/Edgard Garrido

Drug gangs pressure refinery workers to tap the lifeblood of Mexico’s oil industry. One former worker fled the country. One former gang member helps authorities understand the racket.

Welcome to the Hell Hole that is Brussels.

New laws could see scientists face CRIMINAL charges for research fraud.

Early promise of Ukraine’s war on corruption fades by the day.

Here’s What Actually Happened To $6 Million Raised To Fight The Ebola Virus.