Weird News

The time to stop this agenda is growing very short.

The Lake Erie Bill of Rights passed a special election vote Tuesday, giving the fourth largest of the Great Lakes “the right to exist, flourish and naturally evolve.”

This nativity scene is so small it can fit inside the eye of a needle – invisible to the naked eye. But with a microscope the scene in all its intricate details is revealed.

The nativity scene so tiny it can fit inside the eye of a needle and is only visible by microscope.

The “Trembling Giant” is a single clone, and therefore considered the most massive organism on Earth.

Pando, the most massive organism on Earth, has thrived for thousands of years. Now he’s shrinking.

A member of auction staff can be seen on the phone to the successful after the painting self-destructed.

The moment £1,042,000 iconic Banksy painting Girl With Balloon SELF-DESTRUCTS as secret shredder that the guerrilla artist built into the frame is activated moments after it was sold at Sotheby’s.

BMJ Case Reports.

Doctors stunned to find massive ‘air pocket’ where man’s brain should be.

Conspiracy theorists claim it could be an undersea ancient pyramid or even connected to aliens.

‘8.5-mile pyramid’ discovered at bottom of the ocean.

Because detergent is toxic, if it is consumed, officials urge people to call the poison-control helpline immediately at 800-222-1222.

University Student Hospitalized After Eating A Tide Pod.

A 2015, 25c poppy coin by the Royal Canadian Mint. Coin image©2015 Royal Canadian Mint - All Rights Reserved

Royal Canadian Mint sues Royal Australian Mint in row over poppy coin printing.

How this man tricked TripAdvisor into listing his shed as London’s No. 1 rated restaurant .

Falcon Lake incident is Canada’s ‘best-documented UFO case,’ even 50 years later.

Moose in Newfoundland treats Canada 150 red and white tulip display as ‘a giant salad bar’

Big game killer EATEN by crocodiles while hunting in Zimbabwe.

Stray dog follows adventure race team for 430 miles.

This pet bison watches action flicks and eats at the table.