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She’d have held out for independence, deal or no deal with Europe (or Ireland) and looked to America, Canada, and the other freedom countries as the way forward.

How would the Iron Lady handle what the nervous Nellies are calling a colossal constitutional crisis?

All public policy can do is buy the time necessary for the human magic — or poison — to run its course.

New Zealand Attack Shows Us That Tribal Score-Settling Has Infected the West

USS Truman under way in September of last year. The Pentagon has proposed canceling the vessel's mid-life refueling, which would reduce the number of carriers in the Navy's fleet to ten.

Plan To Retire USS Truman Early Makes No Sense, Which Is Why The Navy Doesn’t Really Want To Do It

Campus of Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass.

What Ivy League scandals tell us about higher ed, and what they don’t

A street during a blackout in Caracas, Venezuela, March 8, 2019.

The lights have been out for a while in Venezuela, but none of this should surprise us. We have literally seen this before.

Imagine how many lives and families we could save if we could reduce overdose deaths by 65 percent nationally.

Addiction is a dire nationwide crisis that’s killing 134 people a day – that’s one life every eight minutes. We must do more to fight it.

"They’re standing up against cigars, champagne and free speech! Oh yeah, they’ll teach Netanyahu, while their enemies salivate and sharpen their knives.”: Levin

‘Pretty Unbelievable’ — Mark Levin Hammers Israeli AG for Prosecution of Netanyahu