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The bottom line is that Baltimore politicians pandered to a constituency that was not concerned with public safety and was more concerned with gaining power and influence over the police department – even as the crime and murder rate began to skyrocket.

Baltimore police ‘stopped noticing crime’ after Freddie Gray riots.

'Mass exodus' of Seattle police officers over city politics? Seattle Police Department says dozens of officers have left the force. The police union says the departures will have a direct impact on public safety.

Seattle cops flee the force in ‘mass exodus’ due to frustrations with city’s politics, report says.

The Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Va. (A separate restaurant in Washington, also called the Red Hen, is not affiliated with the Virginia restaurant.)

Sarah Sanders booted so restaurant could uphold ‘certain standards,’ co-owner says: report

Kennedy joined Sotomayor’s ruling in full, but wrote a brief concurring opinion containing something of a bombshell.

…That these elderly judges would give it up and get a life but no, they hang on. For what? More Trump aggravation? I’m beginning to wonder if they are political masochists.

What happens when they have to comply with tax laws from 48 states?

SCOTUS decision on internet taxes could bankrupt thousands of small online businesses.

The Navy is leading the investigation into the breach with the assistance of the FBI, officials said. The FBI declined to comment.

China hacked a Navy contractor and secured a trove of highly sensitive data on submarine warfare.

A grizzly bear looks around while she and her two cubs feed on the carcass of a bison in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.

Wyoming approves first Yellowstone-area grizzly bear hunt in 44 years, backlash erupts.

Hypersonic weapons can beat regular anti-missile defenses.

America’s hypersonic missile moves closer to reality as Lockheed Martin reveals details of $928m contract to make radical new weapon.