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Bolton mocked the leaders, comparing them to The Three Stooges.

Bolton: U.S. Will No Longer Appease ‘Troika of Tyranny’ in Latin America

It now takes 1 million bolivars to buy a cup of coffee.

A minimum-wage worker in Venezuela could afford 5 cups of coffee each month — and nothing else.

The world has seen this story play out in another failed state before: Somalia. It took an organized international response to deal with it.

As socialism destroys their society, Venezuelans turn to high-seas piracy.

The 62-gun, three-masted galleon (pictured), went down on June 8, 1708, with 600 people on board as well as a treasure of gold, silver and emeralds during a battle with British ships in the War of Spanish Succession.

‘Holy grail’ of shipwrecks laden with treasures worth £12.6 BILLION that sank to the bottom of the Caribbean 300 years ago was found using an autonomous robot.

After a Canadian-owned gold mine near his village of Coclesito left behind debt and dust, local anti-mining activist Carmelo Yangüez doubts that any good will come from a second Canadian-owned copper mine in the region. Photo by Rémy Bourdillon

Canadian company leaves dust and debt after abandoning its gold mine in Panama.