If he [Singh] wanted to scare away votes in Alberta, he couldn’t do better if he tried.

Jagmeet Singh might as well send Rachel Notley a cake shaped like a middle finger.

Trudeau, the master of hollow and vain rhetoric.

Trudeau’s actions have helped fuel and fund Saudi aggression

The far-Left Democratic base dreams of building the United States of Venezuela.

Ohio-12 to GOP leadership: Electrify Republicans, unplug Democrats

Buckle up, the Doug Ford ride has just begun.

Ford is a flawed politician (aren’t they all) in a position that’s a big reach and at some point those flaws will be exposed. But right now, fast out of the gate, he’s delivering as promised, to the horror of his foes but to the great satisfaction of the millions who voted to reverse course and keep Ontario from going over the fiscal cliff.

State Rep. Ilhan Omar takes the oath of office as the 2017 Legislature convened in St. Paul, Minnesota.

State Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) Swore To Apparent Falsehoods in Court — While Divorcing Her Alleged Brother.

China is running out of retaliatory tariffs against the US and has watched other major parties like the EU and Japan close ranks against it.

China should cut its losses in the trade war by conceding defeat to Donald Trump.