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Eerie: The bridge pictured weeks before its collapse shows it looking dilapidated with cables hanging from the sides.

Shocking photo shows Genoa bridge ‘crumbling’ and ‘caving in’ a few weeks before it collapsed.

EU budget commissioner Gunther Oettinger said Germany's offer is against its coalition agreement.

EU demands more cash from Germany: Merkel faces £10bn to plug Brexit blackhole

He birdied the last for a 64 and finished as runner up.

Tiger Woods was legendary.

Dramatic footage shows trucks and cars stranded on either side of the collapsed section of the bridge, which was built on the A10 toll motorway in northwestern Italy in the 1960s and which was undergoing repairs.

At least 22 dead after huge section of Morandi bridge suddenly collapsed during fierce storm in Genoa, Italy

The European Union-driven ban on halogen lightbulbs comes into effect at the end of the month and means householders will have to buy more expensive LED lights.

Whose bright idea was that? EU will ban halogen bulbs at the end of the month – after encouraging us to buy them – making lighting our homes TWICE as expensive.

The uncertainty caused by the re-imposition of the sanctions have proved devastating for the Iranian economy, which was already weakened by decades of previous sanctions and mismanagement and theft by high-ranking officials.

Iran crowds reportedly chant ‘death to the dictator!’ as US sanctions increase economic unrest.

Trump is waging 'economic warfare' says Iranian academic.

Donald Trump fires warning to EU: Do trade with Iran and you will not do business with U.S.

Abbas proves to be nothing more than a two-faced anti-Semite.

Abbas to dissolve Palestinian Authority, revoke recognition of Israel – urges Hamas to join harsh new line.

A notebook belonging to a South Korean woman, who wished to be identified only as 'D' for fear over her personal safety, is seen during an interview in Seoul on May 31. | AFP-JIJI

In rape, sexual assault cases, South Korean women seek justice even after telling the truth.

The damage caused by fall armyworm threatens smallholder farmers’ livelihoods.

CABI warns of rapid spread of crop-devastating fall armyworm across Asia.

"My body, my choice! #TheTotalShutDown #TotalShutdown #IWillMarch Our bodies are not your crime scenes!"

#TotalShutdown: Thousands of Women in South Africa March Against Gender Violence